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Spring 2021 Graduates: Our Spring 2021 Commencement is tentatively set for May 6-10, dates decided on long before the COVID-19 pandemic. As with the spring, summer and fall of 2020, the university will take guidance and directives from local and state officials—chiefly the Florida Board of Governors who oversee the State University System of which USF is part of—as well as public health experts. 
The university will announce its final plans for Spring Commencement when further information and guidance is available. 

As of now there is no need to RSVP for our Spring 2021 Commencement. Please note that should the university hold virtual ceremonies that students will be included in the ceremony based on their graduation application or other requirements. Bachelor’s, master’s and specialist students who apply to graduate online by the Registrar’s Office deadline of February 8 will automatically be included in the Virtual Commencement and the program with the list of graduates. PhD and EdD students will be included if they meet the ETD submission deadline and requirements, and AuD, DBA, DPT, DNP, PharmD and DrPH students should contact their program advisor to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications for inclusion. Finally, students will only be included if their privacy settings they have selected on OASIS permit the university to publish their name.

Further updates will be shared on our website.
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Ceremony Information
Registration information will be found below once it is available. 

Please note that if you attempt to login you will receive a message saying you are ineligible—this is because registration is not yet available for students to use. This system is independent from your graduation application completed on OASIS and is not indicative of your degree completion status. Questions regarding your graduation application should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.


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